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Celebrating Women’sFest!

A Women's Club Event

On April 27, 2019, I was fortunate enough to celebrate female community members with the South Deerfield Women’s Club. Established in 1897, the Women’s Club has been a strong promoter of the intellectual and social welfare of its members in the Pioneer Valley. I was able to spend a few hours shoulder-to-shoulder with other local talents and business owners, showcasing our products and services. Hosted by the South Deerfield Polish Club, this was a great example of what building local partnerships is about.

I was able to bring a sampling of my jewelry in various stages so that I could educate the community on the process of working with precious metal play and steampunk materials. I find that when we are able to give our customers a behind-the-scenes look, they develop a greater appreciation for the craft. The outcome for me is less about cultivating customers and more about sharing the love of art and inspiring others to return to a time when making one-of-a-kind gifts and products was valued. Thank you to everyone who came out and allowed us to raise funds for the South Deerfield community. #jansjems

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